Question: What Are Examples Of Inputs In A Health Care System?

What is an input and output of the healthcare system?

In the health care sector, inputs include labour, capital and intermediate goods and services.

These inputs are combined in the form of activities.

Output of the health care sector is the combination of activities that result in a completed treatment..

What are health inputs?

Inputs: number of doctors and nurses, salary of doctors and nurses,number of other staffs, salary of other staffs, number of patients registered,number of beds, etc. Outputs: number of patients attended, number of surgery performed, occupancy of bed,etc. Cite.

What is the input view of healthcare?

2.2 Can you think of any initiatives that reflect the input view of healthcare? Input view of healthcare simply suggests that healthcare products and services are inputs to public’s health. Affordable care Act as a whole is an initiative that reflects the input view of health.

What are examples of outputs in a health care system?

Examples include the number of discharges or number of procedures carried out. Outputs may refer to the range of services provided or to the hours during which a service is available. Outputs are usually measured in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness and cost.