Question: What Does The Girl Amanda Yearn For?

Why was Amanda lost in her thoughts?

Answer: In stanzas 2, 4 and 6, the speaker is the child.

No, she is not listening to her mother who is the speaker in stanzas 1, 3 and 5.

She is lost in her thoughts and she is clearly not listening to her mother..

What kind of girl is Amanda?

Answer: Amanda is a moody girl. She is nagged most of the time. She often escapes from reality, which makes her moody and uninterested.

What will Amanda not do if she is Rapunzel?

She will not let her hair down. She feels that in that tall tower, she would do everything she wants to without anyone nagging her. She also says that she wouldn’t let her hair down unlike Rapunzel. By this, she means to say that she wouldn’t let anyone come inside the tower because she longs to live alone and freely.

What does Amanda not like?

In the poem there is a girl named Amanda who feels her mom nags her too much. The mother scolds Amanda for biting her nails, hunching her shoulders, and not sitting straight. Amanda does not like it. … The mother instructs Amanda not to eat chocolates because of her acnes and pimples.

What does Amanda want and why?

No, Amanda is not an orphan. She says so because she wants to be alone and enjoy being herself. She wants to roam around in the street alone and pattern dust wit her bare feet. She finds silence ‘golden’ and freedom ‘sweet’.

What do you learn from the poem Amanda?

The central idea of the poem revolves around how a child is constantly nagged by her mother. In this poem, the poetess tries to bring a contrast between her dreams and her actual life. The poetess sheds light on how a child is always monitored and questioned about her actions by her mother.

What does the girl yearn for what does this poem tell you about Amanda answer?

Answer. Answer: The girl yearns for a life of freedom. The poem tells us that she is an imaginative girl who is constantly nagged by her unimaginative mother.

What type of life does Amanda wish for?

Amanda wants to be Rapunzel because she feels that life in the tower will be peaceful and unusual. She thinks she will be free and live in a peaceful environment in the tower. She also confirms to herself that she will never let her hair down to anyone so that nobody could come to her in the tower.

How is Amanda different from Rapunzel?

Rapunzel was a princess with long golden hair. … But Amanda wants to enjoy the tranquility of her tower and doesn’t want to let down her hair. She doesn’t want any prince to disturb her peace.

What does Amanda do to her shoulders?

Ans: When the poem begins, we find that Amanda is biting her nails. She is hunching her shoulders. She is sitting in a slouching posture. … He asks her not to bite her nails and hunch her shoulders.

Why is Amanda asked not to eat chocolate?

Here Amanda is asked not to eat chocolates by her mother. Whenever Amanda eats chocolates, she gets acne and her mother is very particular about that and asks her not to eat chocolates. Amanda’s mother wants Amanda to look pretty which makes her very self-conscious at a very young age.

What does Amanda Long do at sea?

Q3: What does Amanda long to do at the sea? A: Amanda wants to be the sole inhabitant of the sea. She wants to be as free as a mermaid. She wants to be a mermaid `so that she could drift joyfully with the gentle waves of sea.

What does Amanda yearn for why does she want to be Rapunzel?

She wants to be Rapunzel because she wants to live alone. Rapunzel lived alone in a tall tower and had long, beautiful hair. … However, she also decided that she would never throw down her hair for anyone to come up as she wanted to live alone always.

Is Amanda really sulking?

Answer: (a) Amanda is not sulking. She just doesn’t care about instructions given to ber as she is lost in a world of her own.

Is Amanda really sulking and moody?

Do you think Amanda is sulking and is moody? No, she is not sulking or moody. The last stanza makes it clear that she doesn’t have the freedom to respond as she feels.

Why Will Amanda not let down her bright hair?

Amanda will not let down her bright hair because she is always being nagged by her mother. … Rapunzel is free to open her hair and let her bright hair fall from the tower. Amanda wishes to have a life of Rapunzel where no one is there to nag her. But she will never let her hair fall from the tower.

Why does Amanda want to be an orphan?

She says so because she wants to be alone and enjoy being herself she wants to roam around in the street alone and pattern dust with her barefeet. She finds silence ‘golden’ and freedom ‘sweet’. It is for this reason that she calls herself an orphan.

Why does Amanda want Rapunzel?

Amanda wants to be Rapunzel to live a peaceful life in a tower where no one gives any instruction and she does not have to do any work. She does not want to escape with a prince like Rapunzel.

What would Amanda do if she were an orphan?

If Amanda were a mermaid, then she would drift slowly on a languid emerald sea. She would be the sole inhabitant of the relaxed green sea and would move slowly on it.

What is the message of the poem?

The “moral,” or message, of this poem is presented to us straightforwardly in the third stanza, which offers a sort of summary, or conclusion, to what has come before.