Question: What Is The Purpose Of Pepeha?

How do you make a Papeha Pepeha?

Google ‘mihimihi format’ but here’s the basics: 1 Greet God / the Gods Rangi and Papa 2 If you’re from Waikato, acknowledge Kingi Tuheitia 3 Acknowledge the building you are standing in 4 Greet the dead 5 Then greet everyone gathered there 6 Your pepeha 7 Your purpose for being there 8 Sing a quick song 8 Conclusion..

What is your hapu?

In Māori and New Zealand English, a hapū (“subtribe”, or “clan”) functions as “the basic political unit within Māori society”.

Why is the head Tapu?

Tapu can be interpreted as “sacred” but also “not ordinary”, “special” or even forbidden. It is one of the strongest forces in Māori culture. … That’s why you should avoid sitting on pillows and touching or passing food over a person’s head, since it’s considered very sacred by Māori people.

What does NGA mean?

NGAAcronymDefinitionNGANational Governors AssociationNGANational Gallery of ArtNGANational Glass AssociationNGANational Gallery of Australia33 more rows

What does HAPU mean in a Pepeha?

hapu¯ – smaller family grouping. The smaller family groupings within iwi are called hapū. Your hapū includes your parents, your grandparents, your cousins, and even your grandparents’ cousins! marae – gathering place. Most hapū have a marae, or traditional gathering place.

What can Whakapapa be understood as?

Whakapapa is defined as the “genealogical descent of all living things from the gods to the present time.

What’s the difference between iwi and hapu?

The largest political grouping in pre-European Māori society was the iwi (tribe). This usually consisted of several related hapū (clans or descent groups). The hapū of an iwi might sometimes fight each other, but would unite to defend tribal territory against other tribes.

What does hakatere mean?

Definition provided per Hakatere kaumātua Archie Keepa: haka: dance; tere: fast, referring to river. But other definitions are possible. Early canoe travellers used Hakatere as a resting point and food gathering place.

What is the purpose of Whakapapa?

It maps relationships so that mythology, legend, history, knowledge, tikanga (custom), philosophies and spiritualities are organised, preserved and transmitted from one generation to the next. Whakapapa is the core of traditional mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge). Whakapapa means genealogy.

What is a mihi Whakatau?

Mihi whakatau is the Māori term used to describe a formal speech of welcome and is undertaken by a Māori representative of the University. Mihi whakatau is traditionally used for welcoming, introductions, openings and general purpose which take place off the marae.

Where do you Whakapapa to?

Whakapapa is genealogy, a line of descent from ancestors down to the present day. Whakapapa links people to all other living things, and to the earth and the sky, and it traces the universe back to its origins.

What is Aroha nui?

1. much love, with deep affection – often used in signing off letters to friends.

What does Nga mihi mean?

English Congratulations on the invite, relativesCongratulations on the invite, relatives.

What is a Tauparapara?

A tauparapara (or a karakia) This is a chant that usually refers to the tribal ancestry of the speaker or the dead one, and draws upon mythology still familiar or long since lost.