What Does It Mean When A Medication Is Recalled?

How do drug recalls work?

A drug recall occurs when a prescription or over-the-counter medicine is removed from the market because it is found to be either defective or potentially harmful.

Sometimes, the makers of the drug will discover a problem with their drug and voluntarily recall it..

How do you know if a drug has been recalled?

To find out which lot numbers were affected by a recall, read the official recall announcement either on the manufacturer’s website or on the FDA’s website here. Next, you’ll want see if your drug belongs to any of the recalled lots.

Who is responsible for recalling drugs?

In a drug recall, the manufacturer of a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine takes its product off the market. Sometimes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requests the recall, while at other times the recall is initiated by the manufacturer. Either way, the FDA plays a key role in the process.

Where must recalled medications be stored in the pharmacy?

Ensure that recalled drugs and devices are stored by the pharmacy in an area clearly designated as a quarantine area until disposed of as directed in the recall notice. 4. Additional Steps: • Monitor subsequent product shipments to ensure recalled products are not shipped into the facility.