Where Is The Best Place To Metal Detect For Coins?

Can you metal detect in Woods?

Woods and footpaths Footpaths are a great place to metal detect though, as for many years people have been walking up and down them and perhaps taking their dogs for walks along them..

Can you metal detect in the New Forest?

Some things are not permitted, such as camping, lighting fires, swimming, fishing, metal detecting or taking anything from the land. Cycling is permitted on certain types of track. Within the New Forest, horse-riding is permitted on much of the access land.

Do I need insurance for metal detecting?

All kinds of things can go wrong when metal detecting and you need to cover yourself and ensure you are protected. … Public Liability insurance is what you’re going to need, however if you try to call up your standard insurance group they probably won’t be able to cover you.

Is metal detecting illegal?

Yes, in most states in Australia you will need a Fossicking License or Miner’s Right to go Metal Detecting or fossicking. … New South Wales: A Fossicking Permit is required for fossicking in state forests, otherwise not required.

Can you make money metal detecting?

Most people don’t expect to get rich with their detector. … You might not want to rush out and quit your day job, but you can most certainly make some money with a metal detector if you do your research and locate good areas to hunt. About $75 worth of small gold nuggets found with a Makro Gold Racer metal detector.

Can I keep treasure I find?

The Law of Finders-Keepers and What Happens When You Find Buried Treasure. … In modern day America, the presumption is “finders-keepers”—though there is a web of statutes and case law that can complicate such a simple maxim. Generally, “the finder of lost property can keep it against all the world…

Where is the best place to find old coins?

Around Your House. Your house is a great place to look for old coins. Attics and cellars are usually the two places in your house that yield the best results. Lost coins can be found in storage boxes for clothes and in household items such as old desks, wardrobes and furniture.

Where is the best place to metal detect?

Our Top Places to Metal DetectYour Own Backyard. This is obvious – you don’t need permission. … Parks. Lots of people, lots of lost trinkets and coins. … Schools. … Sports Grounds & Fairgrounds. … Campgrounds, Scout Camps, Tourist Sites. … Fishing Areas. … Creeks, Rivers & Lakes. … Beach.More items…•

Can you metal detect anywhere?

Choose places where other people are likely to have been before because they might have dropped items tat become your treasure. Hiking is not only great for the body and mind, but it can be for metal detecting, too. Anywhere really where people have been is usually a great spot to find things.

Can you find gold nuggets with a metal detector?

In the case of metal detecting for gold, you need to search where nuggets have been found in the past. Some areas have produced plenty of gold, but not in sizes large enough to be found with a metal detector. Many of the gold bearing states in the eastern US would be a good example of this.

Where can I metal detect coins?

If there are old, abandoned homes in your neighborhood, make a point to take your metal detector there. Search around front porches, back door steps, walkways and driveways. Scan floors, baseboards and floor coverings carefully for lost coins.

How can you tell if a coin is rare?

For particularly rare coins, such as double-headed or double-tailed coins, consider whether it might be a fake. Look to see if there is any sign that two coins have been joined. While not common (or legal), it is possible to grind down one side of a coin and attach it to another to create a double-headed coin.

What year coins are worth keeping?

1932-1964 silver quarter Between 1932 and 1964, quarters were 90% silver and 10% copper. These silver quarters look like any pre-state quarter 25-cent piece, but are worth a lot more if they’re in the right condition.

Is a metal detector worth it?

If you’re expecting to buy a metal detector as a means to get out of the house and go get some fresh air and exercise while possibly finding some interesting and potentially valuable items along the way, then yes, it’s very much worth it and an excellent choice of hobby which is shared by many around the globe.

How do you find treasure without a metal detector?

One of the best places to look for the treasure, are the corners of houses. Typically, during the construction of the House, in its corners, directly below the foundations laid gold and silver coins. The greatest difficulty in finding in such places is accurately set and get to the center of the corner.

Where are the best places to metal detect in KY?

Here is a list of the 15 best places to metal detect in Kentucky.Basil Griffin Park- Explorable Variety! … Elizabethtown Nature Park- Freeman Lake Finds. … Madisonville City Park- Avoid the Golf Course! … Radcliff City Park-Ampitheatre Potential! … Lake Cumberland- Bring your fishing pole too! … Green River Lake. … Nolin River Lake.More items…•